Political repressions against the “Sharii`s Party”
How and why a young opposition party destroyed the rating of a president renegade
April 23, 2019
April 23, 2021
“Sharii's Party” was created as a tool for controlling the authorities which replaced the Poroshenko regime. Unfortunately, Vladimir Zelensky betrayed his voters and turned into a degraded version of Poroshenko. “Sharii's Party” was forced to move into harsh, principled opposition to Zelensky and to the political party “Servant of the People”.
Zelensky turned out to be even more touchy and treacherous than Poroshenko. Well-grounded and reasoned criticism made him furious. More easily than Poroshenko, he broke the law and used dirty tricks to fight and eliminate his political opponents. Zelensky's regime destroyed the remnants of respect for human rights in Ukraine.
“Sharii`s Party ”and its leader Anatoly Sharii have made a decisive contribution to the disclosure of the truth about the crimes of the authorities under Zelensky. In response, the Office of the President of Ukraine unleashed a full-scale war against the “Sharii`s Party”, even including attempts to physically remove party members and its leader. Besides physical violence, Zelensky and his team tried to ban the “Sharii`s Party” using illegal manipulations.
Projects for people in Ukraine
Launching a platform “Otklik”, “YaSharu”, etc.
4 attempts to ban the Sharii`s Party
5 criminal cases were opened against Mr.Sharii taking into account the reopening of cases dating back to 2012
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Main theses:
In the fall of 2020,” Sharii's Party” won seats in the city councils of nine Ukrainian cities (Kharkiv, Chuhuiv, Kupiansk , Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Odessa, Chornomorsk , Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhia) as well as in the regional council and district council of the Odessa region.
Simultaneously with the work of the "Sharii`s Party" deputies and with the solving the daily problems of Ukrainians, Anatoly and Olga Sharii continued to publish investigations exposing crimes of the Zelensky regime, highlighting fraudulent schemes of the Office of the President as well as the facts of using of the authorities of neo-Nazi groups in order to fight against the opposition
At the beginning of 2021, the “Sharii`s Party” held an action called "Our Gas. Our land. Our Pipes." Deputies and activists of the “Sharii`s Party” protested against the tariff genocide initiated by the Shmyhal Government.The party's lawyers have developed an effective strategy for reducing gas prices for the population and have begun working on returning the gas communications that were illegally seized by private regional gas companies back to the communal property. This raised the rating of the party and its leaders even higher.
Our gas. Our land. Our pipes
Watch video from the action
In February, the Security Service of Ukraine accused Anatoly Sharii of a high treason and put him on the wanted list, being well aware that Anatoly was living in the EU with the status of a political refugee.

Then the Ministry of Justice, being under pressure from the Security Service of Ukraine, filed a lawsuit demanding the prohibition of the “Sharii`s Party”
SSU Accusation
( In the suspicion against Anatoly Sharii, there are 9 episodes of the video, on which the investigation based its accusations. It is worth noting that in 4 cases, Sharii is accused that the blogs from his Youtube channel were quoted on Russian TV, in particular, the materials of criminal cases concerning the crimes during the Revolution in Ukraine in 2013-14, about which Sharii made many journalistic materials.

Moreover, in three episodes, Sharii is attributed words that belong whether to the presenters of the story or to interviewees of Sharii.

Also, the SSU blames Sharii for the formation of mistrust towards the authorities and to the Security Service because of the criticism that Sharii allows himself in their address. For the statement "stupid pigs from the SSU" and "non-compliance State” (almost power) Anatoly Sharii is facing accusations of high treason, which may result from 12 to 15 years of imprisonment.

All 9 episodes are clear evidence of political persecution. Also, according to the so-called experts, Anatoliy Sharii was accused of promoting multilingualism! )
Despite pressure and political repression, the “Sharii`s Party” continued to work actively in the interests of its voters. Deputies and members of “Sharii's Party” led and continue to lead an active struggle for freedom of speech and human rights in Ukraine. Anatoly Sharii and his team achieved the release of a whole series of investigations about the crimes of the Zelensky regime in the European media.
Efforts to ban "Sharii`s Party"
The namesake of our leader, through threats and bribery, was forced to sue the “Sharii`s Party” because of the use of his last name in the name of the party
A criminal case was brought against the “Sharii`s Party” for the fact that party members provided free ventilator machines to the Ukrainian hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic
For the picture of Ukraine without Crimea, the “Sharii`s Party” was charged with infringement on the territorial integrity of the country
A criminal case was brought against the Party for an attempt to pay taxes in Ukraine
“Sharii's Party” was accused in money laundering and a criminal case was opened
The party was accused of using communist symbolism and wanted to close it down through the court.
"Crimes" which, according to Zelensky's version, were committed by the “Sharii`s Party”
Protection of the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians
Struggle to reduce utility bills for the population
Disclosure of the truth about the crimes of authority
Struggle for freedom of speech and compliance with the constitution of Ukraine
Fight against neo-Nazi groups
Free help for hospitals and patients with Covid
See what foreign media write about the Sharia Party