Совет Европы - пресс-секретарь Управления коммуникаций Татьяна Баева
Council of Europe - Media officer of the Directorate of Communications Tatyana Baeva

The Council of Europe opened an investigation about the Ukrainian government's pressure on the main Ukrainian opposition political force and its leader Anatoly Sharii using materials of the Party's appeal.

This was reported by the Council of Europe representative for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Montenegro and the Republic of Belarus in a personal letter to the Sharii`s Party

The Party's appeal to the Council of Europe referred to the opening of criminal proceedings against Anatoly Sharii by the Security Service of Ukraine because of the Youtube video with a map of Ukraine. At the same time, the appeal pointed out that there were no cases opened against those people who really took part in the surrender of Crimea and were responsible for the violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity. In addition, the Sharii`s party pointed to the numerous public threats against activists of the Sharii`s party, as well as numerous physical attacks on the activists of the Sharii`s party. In addition, the appeal contains arguments that prove the involvement of the President's Office in orders against the Party and its leader Anatoly Sharii.