Член палаты Лордов Марго Рут Алин Листер
Member of the House of Lords Margot Ruth Aline Lister

A member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom made an assessment about the illegal actions of right-wing radical groups in Ukraine in relation to supporters of the Sharii`s Party.

Margot Ruth Aline Lister, a member of the Labor Party, after reading a report about violent nationalist attacks, which indicates that more than half of the cases of far-right violence in Ukraine are directed against supporters of Sharii, called for immediate action by the Ukrainian authorities to restore justice and the rule of law.

"The fact that this violence and hatred are not adequately countered in their dissemination is incompatible with the principles of democracy and with respect for human rights. I urge the Ukrainian authorities to take immediate action," said Ms. Margot Ruth Aline Lister