Кетрин Вест. Член парламента Великобритании,
теневой министр по делам Европы от Лейбористкой партии
Catherine West. UK Member of Parliament, Labour Party Shadow Minister for Europe

We received a reaction regarding beatings of the Sharii`s Party activists from Catherine West, a member of the British Parliament.

The text of the appeal of the Member of Parliament of Great Britain Katherine West regarding the violent attacks of radicals against supporters of the Sharii`s Party:

"Ukraine in the recent past has taken promising and welcome steps toward becoming a more tolerant society. However, recent violent attacks by the extreme right could negate years of progress. Racism, homophobia and an ideology of hate contradict the European values of freedom and acceptance of other views, which I know the people of Ukraine hold dear. It is vital for the Ukrainian government to take steps to investigate these attacks and punish those responsible”